Photo 28 Sep 9 notes EMPIRE STATE OF MIND on Flickr.
Photo 28 Sep 6 notes HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF on Flickr.
Photo 15 Sep 4 notes PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC - RANDOM on Flickr.
Video 13 Sep 14 notes


Collage collaboration between myself (Dawn Arsenaux) and Zach Collins. Started by Zach, finished by me.

You can see more from Zach here:

Photo 10 Sep 5 notes THE CONDUCTOR  1 on Flickr.

THE CONDUCTOR 1 on Flickr.

Photo 10 Sep 4 notes FLORAL HARVEST on Flickr.


Photo 10 Sep 9 notes BLAMED FOOL WON’T TALK TO NO LAWYER on Flickr.
Photo 10 Sep 12 notes STARTER COLLAGE - FAIR GAME  on Flickr.
Photo 8 Sep THE MECHANISM_0001 on Flickr.

THE MECHANISM_0001 on Flickr.

Photo 8 Sep 1 note THE MECHANISM_0002 on Flickr.

THE MECHANISM_0002 on Flickr.

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